S8 Smart Heart Bracelet 
open the big screen era 
Dynamic heart rate 
Information push 
Sleep monitoring 
IP67 waterproof
 Replaceable wristbands
 USB portable chargingSincere products
 The perfect combination of metal and glass
Glass panel and metal body between the stunning collision, with TPE skin-friendly material of the wristband, comfortable both fashion.Dynamic heart rate 24 hours real-time monitoring - Aiming at more than ten kinds of motion scene, sports bracelet can optimize the algorithm to ensure the accuracy of heart rate data. When moving, you can look at the real-time heart rate data by moving your wrist to provide timely, safe and scientific guarantee for your exercise. Heart rate is one of the important indicators of  physical health, and sports wristbands support 24 hour heart rate tracking, which helps you better understand your health.Blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring - Based on the pulse conductivity technique,  blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring are measured by an optical sensor of the wristband and are displayed on the screen. Blood oxygen refers to the oxygen content in the blood, and the higher the oxygen content, the better the metabolism. Blood oxygen is also very critical indicators of the human body.Steps, Distance, Calories - Record number of steps, distance and calories, and Periodically  compare data to understand your own daily movement state.Multiple movement patterns -  A new generation of smart sports bracelets, which incorporate motion decomposition capabilities, can handle more detailed data, whether you're on foot, running,climbing, climbing stairs or riding.Information push - Large screen display, all push information, 0.96 inch OLED large screen, WeChat, QQ, SMS, mail, schedule, Twitter, Facebook, Ins and other APP messages full text are pushed and displayed directly. Caller ID display.Plug-in USB charging design - Through plug-in USB charging design you can always remove the bracelet from the wristband, directly in the computer, notebook, charge head or charge Po on the charge, which is easy and convenient.Sleep monitoring -  Sleep will affect aspects of your life, such as your health, emotions and so on. Sleep helps you perform best, stay productive, prevent weight gain and avoid depression. So, if you're going to enjoy every day, start with improving your sleep.